Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

New Set

Pink & White $45 +
Acrylic Full Set $27 +
Acrylic White Tip $35 +
Gel Polish Full Set $42 +
Curve Nails $30 +
Acrylic Overlay $27 +
UV Light Gel $35 +
Glitter $45 +
Glitter Tip $50 +


Pink & White $40 +
Acrylic Full Set $18 +
Acrylic White Tip $20 +
Gel Polish Full Set $35 +
Curve Nails $20 +
Acrylic Overlay $18 +
UV Light Gel $25 +
Glitter $30 +
Glitter Tip $35 +
Gel Polish (No Drying Time-Long Lasting)

Gel Polish (No Drying Time-Long Lasting)

Gel polish helps nail polish last on the natural nail without dulling.
They are more durable, the colors last up to two weeks with high gloss and instantly dry when completed.
No-Chip Gel Polish Manicure $30
No-Chip Gel Polish And French Manicure $35
No-Chip Gel Polish Pedicure $42
No-Chip Gel Polish French Pedicure $47
No-Chip Gel Polish Hand $20
No-Chip Gel Polish Feet $25
No-Chip Gel French Hand $25
No-Chip Gel French Feet $30
Natural Nails (Nails Care)

Natural Nails (Nails Care)

Classic Manicure $15

15 minutes

Includes nails and cuticles trimming, shaping, and grooming, and hand lotion massage. Finish with a design nail lacquer of your choice.


Deluxe Manicure $30

30 minutes

Includes all the benefits of a classic manicure and more. The treatment will revitalize your hands with a special scrubbing massage, hydrate your hands with a creamy foot mask and relieve your muscle tension with circular hot stone massage and hot towel wrap. You deserve it, so do your hands.


Indulgent Manicure $35

30 minutes

Let’s get off your hands from work and chill a little bit. This is the well-deserved treatment for hard-working hand people. Your hands will be immersed in a fresh, aromatic warm water basin. A special treatment recipe is carried out on your hands from pineapple fragrant scrub massage, creamy hand mask, hot stone massage, to hot towel wrap. After a special paraffin wax, your hand will embellish with a glossy nail lacquer of your choice. Chill it and cheer it.

Classic Pedicure (with liner) $27

30 minutes

Relieve your tension by relaxing on a luxury massage chair while soaking your feet in a warm, sea salt, whirling water bath. Our well-trained, licensed nail technician will trim, shape, and groom your toenails and the cuticle. Callus remover will be applied on your sole and heel to remove the hard dead skin. An oily aromatic sugar scrub is used to soften your feet and further remove dead skin on your feet. After a lotion relaxing massage and hot towel wrapping, your toenails will be coated with a glorious color of your choice.


Deluxe Pedicure (with liner) $42

45 minutes

Tired, feel no energy. Let’s pull you back up with an extensive massage pedicure. Beyond the classic pedicure, you will has more massage and massage. Hot stone will be applied circularly on your lower leg; the right amount of heat coming out of the stone will revitalize the calf muscles and make you forget the tiredness. Your feet are also covered with a fragrant creamy foot mask in warm towels. Let’s try it and get back on your feet.


Indulgent Spa Pedicure 1 $60

1 hour

This will be a superior experience for you; all in one. This miraculous pedicure will bring to the wilderness with the scene of a volcano eruption. This package includes all the benefits of a classic pedicure, an extensive massage, creamy foot mask, hot stone, hot towel, and paraffin wax. Be your own King in your volcanic kingdom.

Indulgent Pedicure 2 $50

1 hour

Extension out of deluxe spa pedicure, this indulgent well deserved pedicure is the perfect recipe for softening and exfoliating your dry feet and stimulating their recovery with an extensive massage. Your feet will be further softened with hot paraffin wax as your calves are covered with a creamy foot mask in warm.

Paraffin Pedicure (with liner) $35

30 minutes

Complete care of your feet with trimming, shaping, grooming your toenails and cuticle, removing, and exfoliating dead skin on your sole and heel. During this treatment, your feet will be wrapped around with special, melted paraffin. The dead skin will be further removed along with the hardened paraffin providing softer and smoother feet. Let us bring your feet back to life.


Fresh Citrus Pedicure (with liner) $35

30 minutes

We love nature and we wanted to bring it to you. Lemon is used for many purposes because of its naturally special properties. The scent of fresh pieces of lemon will immerse you in a pure, fresh air atmosphere and its natural acidity will exfoliate your dead skin and rejuvenate your feet. Never fresher and more natural than this.

Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing

Forehead $10
Cheeks $15
Sideburn $10
Lower Lip $5
Upper Lip $7
Eyebrows $10
Chin $10
Full Face without Eyebrows $35
Body Waxing

Body Waxing

Under Arms $15
Half Arm $25
Full Arms $40
Whole Legs $45
Half Legs $35
Bikini $30
Brazillian $50 +
Additional (Miscellaneous)

Additional (Miscellaneous)

Nail Soak Off $10
Nails Designs $3+ each
Nails Repair $5+ each
Polish Change $10 Hands; $12 Feet
French American $5 +
Acrylic Two Big Toes Nails $10
Nails Cut Down $3 +
Coffin/Stiletto/Round/Almond Shaped $5 +
Gel Removal $10
Dip Removal $10
Acrylic Nail Removal $10
Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

Individual $35 - $40
Refill $15 - $20
Whole Strip $18
Eyelashes Removed $10
Eyelashes Re-Glue $5
SNS Dip Power System

SNS Dip Power System

(SNS dipping power is highly recommend because it has no odor and no liquid. SNS is for healthy nails, unlike acrylic, SNS are much thinner, light weight, and will help nails grow out stronger and healthier by adding 5 different kind of vitamins and calcium.)
Dip Natural Nail $40 +
Pink/White $48 +
Add Tip $5 +
Kids Service

Kids Service

(>5 Years Old)
Gel Polish $15 +
Pedicure & Manicure $28 +
Nails Polish $7 +
Toes & Nails Polish $8 +